Augmented Reality Solutions
for TV and Video Content

Augmented Reality for
TV content
Augmented Reality for
Smart TV
Video with Interactive
AR Content
Augmented Reality for TV Content
Smartphone + TV Screen

By pointing a camera of their smartphone or tablet over the TV screen while watching a movie or a TV show, users can interact with their favorite characters, play exciting AR games or watch extra content available only in augmented reality
Augmented Reality for Smart TV
Smart TV + Webcam

By connecting a webcam to a Smart TV or a smart box, the users can bring augmented reality to the big screen. They can interact with cartoon characters right in their room or even play educational AR games together
Video with Interactive AR Content
Smartphone or Tablet

At a certain point of watching a movie or a TV show on a mobile device, the camera is activated and the character comes alive in the real world. The users can watch an interactive animated scene or help the main character complete the task
Augmented Reality in a Web Browser

With WebAR, the user doesn't have to download any extra apps to enjoy interactive augmented reality content. All they need to do is open a special website using any modern mobile browser

• No Extra Apps Required
• Simple Implementation
• Easy to Use
Universal Plane Tracking System

Placing virtual objects in the real world requires a plane tracking system. Unlike Apple ARkit or Google ARCore that only support a range of certified devices, DEVAR LightAR brings augmented reality even to low-end or underpowered smartphones or tablets.

• Android 4.4+ and iOS 7+ Support
• No Gyroscope Required
Broad Audience
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