Augmented Reality for Mascots and
Kids Brand Characters
Interactive Learning
Platform for Kids
DEVAR is a safe learning platform for children where physical books, toys and consumer products go together with digital augmented reality activities turning education into a fun game
Brand Mascots Become Teachers and Friends
Each character in DEVAR platform has their own subject or topic. By following a character, children start seeing their content in the interactive feed, including AR activities, games, quizzes, photos and videos. Playing and learning with mascots helps kids build a connection and lasting relationship with the brand
Educational Influencers
Characters and mascots have their own profile just like real people do on Instagram or any other social network. Children can choose what characters and topics they want to follow and it will affect the activity feed they will see in the app. Whether they like distant planets and stars, are fond of dinosaurs or simply want to learn to count, DEVAR has something for everyone!
Tailored Learning Experience
The activity feed provides a tailored user experience by personalizing the content based on user's age, interests, location, time spent in the app and their level of knowledge. Such approach ensures progress in the areas that need improvement and creates an exciting and immersive learning experience

Various Ways to Learn
If a child hasn't learned ABC's yet, the platform will include content that will help learning it. By playing simple games or taking part in fun AR activities, children can master the alphabet in no time! This approach is applied to all school subjects from chemistry to mathematics, helping make complicated subjects visual and comprehensible for students

Every parent is concerned with upbringing and development of their child. How do you choose what exactly they need at different ages? How can you make a smart choice from millions of apps?

We decided to take this matter into our own hands and are making DEVAR an intelligent assistant in the kids' development that aggregates all the required educational content

Anna Belova,
CEO, Co-Founder
DEVAR is an American technology company creating top quality edutainment solutions and products for children

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