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DEVAR app is an educational and entertaining content platform for kids that combines traditional objects around them with interactive digital content, turning learning into a fun game!
Augmented Reality Coding Blocks
for Little Children
In the Magic Kingdom
Augmented Reality Building Blocks

When it comes to preparing kids for the future, there are few better ways to do so than to help them learn code! This early learning play set enhanced with augmented reality will teach children the basics of programming in a simple and fun way!
What's Inside?
Game Foundation
Wooden base with slots for building blocks
Building Blocks
A set of blocks used to compose the level
A play book featuring level instructions
How Does It Work?
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In the Magic Kingdom comes alive in DEVAR platform
available on iOS and Android devices
Skills and Benefits
Problem Solving
Learning to code helps kids to break down large problem into smaller pieces to solve it in an effective manner
Logical Thinking
Coding helps children develop logical thinking and breaking down into smaller pieces in order to effectively solve it
Coding teaches children to experiment, gives them motivation and the confidence to be creative
Life Skills
Coding is a basic literacy skill in the modern world and it's important for kids to acquire it as soon as possible
Career Preparation
Mastering coding at a young age allows kids to acquire valuable skills that will be useful in their future profession
Giving kids coding as a tool to learn perseverance and resilience early will help them in their future life
Three Simple Steps to Play!
1. Pick a Level from
the Guide Book
Choose one of the level cards from the set. Different cards have different level of difficulty
2. Put Blocks on the Foundation According to the Level
Put building blocks on the foundation according to the guide book
3. Point Your Camera over the Blocks to Watch the Animation
Solve the level and check yourself by pointing camera over the board and pressing play
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