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DEVAR app is an educational and entertaining content platform for kids that combines traditional objects around them with interactive digital content, turning learning into a fun game!
Not Boring Science
Not Boring Science
Augmented Reality Book Series

Science should not be boring! This is exactly what Max, a young scientist and traveler, thinks. Join Max and his intelligent multifunctional machine OTTI on a scientific adventure and visit the most outstanding scientists of all times with this augmented reality book series!
The Series Includes
Not Boring Chemistry
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Not Boring Science comes alive in DEVAR platform
available on iOS and Android devices
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WOW! Dinosaurs
WOW! Dinosaurs Encyclopedia with augmented reality will allow readers to travel back in time and meet some of the oldest reptiles that inhabited Earth. Stunning 3D animations will help to study the ancient reptiles and learn about their behavior and unique features. AR Camera mode will help young explorers to take awe-inspiring pictures and record awesome videos with full-size dinosaurs and surprise their friends!

An augmented reality adventure game will let kids take part in a story and go on an amazing paleontologic expedition to the age of dinosaurs with brave explorers Danny and Anny.
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WOW! Animals
Uncover a wonderful world full of life, mysterious animals and underwater secrets. With augmented reality you don't have to use a submarine or a bathyscaph to explore the bottom of the ocean, all you need is a smartphone or tablet and an AR encyclopedia. Get ready to dive deep into the oceans, discover rare marine creatures and enjoy the beauty of the underwater!

This encyclopedia features beautiful illustrations, interesting facts about underwater creatures and their behavior, high-quality 3D models and animations in augmented reality, fun mini games and much more!
Popular topics come alive on the pages of the book with augmented reality scenes and experiences
Safe Experiments
Augmented reality allows children to perform chemistry and physics experiments without any potential risk
SFX & Voiceover
Every scene comes alive with music and sound effects making augmented reality experience immersive and visual
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