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Connect digital and physical world using a powerful set of augmented reality tools and frameworks developed by DEVAR
Plane tracking capabilities for low-end and underpowered devices missing a gyroscope

Image recognition and tracking capabilities allowing to apply AR to physical products

Augmented Reality available through a web browser.
No extra apps required

Powerful plane tracking capabilities on par with Google ARCore and Apple ARkit


Plane Tracking for Low-End Devices

LightAR features unprecedented support for low power devices as well as devices without a gyroscope. DEVAR LightAR is a full-fledged analogue of ARkit and ARCore for low-budget devices, opening the door to the world of augmented reality to billions of users in developing countries

• Supports Android 4.4 and iOS 7 or newer
LightAR is the only augmented reality framework that can be used on low-end devices running legacy versions of mobile operating systems

• No Gyroscope Required
LightAR only uses accelerometer for the initial positioning and mainly relies on camera stream for plane tracking

• Runs on Unsupported Devices
Unlike Google ARCore and Apple ARkit that only support a certain range of approved devices, LightAR can run on almost every device with a camera
Use Cases
Launched in the autumn of 2017, the IKEA Place app lets customers see exactly how more than 2,000 furniture items would look - and fit - in their homes
With Amazon AR View customers can see how products fit and look before they bring them home and choose from thousands of styles and products to design their space
Google Playground is a new camera mode that helps users create and play with the world around them by placing AR characters in the real world and taking photos and videos
Image Targets Tracking

DEVAR's image target recognition system allows to add digital augmented reality content to physical products

• Efficient Target Tracking
DEVAR's solution provides a more efficient distribution of points on the target compared to other solutions currently available on the market

• No Gyroscope Required
Image Target Tracking doesn't rely on any sensors providing better performance while tracking a moving target with a stationary device

• Cross-Platform Support
Supports various operating systems and game engines, including Android, Linux, iOS, macOS and Windows

Use Cases
Consumer Products
DEVAR creates bestselling augmented reality books for kids with animated characters and objects coming alive on the screen of a mobile device to make reading fun
Shifu Orboot uses augmented reality for an interactive experience that teaches kids about the weather, maps, animals, inventions, monuments, and cultures throughout Earth
Burger King is encouraging fans to 'burn' the adverts of rival fast food chains using a new augmented reality app that sees billboards engulfed in flames
WebAR - AR Experience in a Web Browser

DEVAR's WebAR allows users to get an augmented reality experience without downloading any extra apps. All they need to do to place a virtual object into the real environment is open a special webpage in a modern web browser

• No Extra Apps Required
• Easy Implementation
• Broad Audience

Use Cases
Shopify AR lets customers using the Safari browser on iOS 12 devices view realistic and interactive versions of products in augmented reality
WebAR can be a great tool to promote brands, creators and celebrities. The user doesn't have to download any apps, so they can have an AR experience on the webpage
Google is adding 3D augmented reality models to its search results — so you can check out a pair of shoes shopping online or put an animated shark in your living room
SimAR SLAM - Plane Tracking

SimAR SLAM is a fully-featured ARkit and ARCore alternative providing plane tracking capabilities. Unlike ARkit or ARCore it's not limited to a certain platform and can be used on a wide range of mobile devices
Use Cases
Augment is an augmented reality tool that allows you to view a product in real time. It allows users to view the product in their home, office or outdoors
While using walking directions on Google Maps, holding up your phone opens your camera, with directions overlaid on top of your surroundings

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that involves AR to deliver a real-life Pokemon experience. This allows people to capture their favorite Pokemon in the real world
SimAR 3D Scanning

DEVAR API includes its own 3D scanning system, which allows you to create 3D models of real objects directly on your mobile device using just one camera
DEVAR Graphic Engine

Low System Requirements
High Performance
Android Studio Integration
Advanced Shaders Support
Manual Resource Allocation Support

Registered Patents
The United States, Europe, India, Russian Federation, China, South Korea
3D Model Texturing
Provides the capability to reflect a texture on a 3D model based on an image or video. The areas of the 3D model are predefined to match certain areas of the image
Object Recognition
Provides the capability to recognize real world objects based on a camera captured image. The object is recognized on the basis of the image data of its shape and/or color and/or texture
Virtual Objects Interaction
Provides the capability to use a controller in the form of user's body part or a physical object to interact with virtual objects
Object Projection on a Spatial Model
Provides the capability to place virtual objects on a plane by determining tracking points on the camera video stream. The points are assigned coordinates in the frame and their movement is predicted while the camera is moving around
Object Interaction Based on Color
Provides the capability to have different actions based on the color of a flat image. It allows to interact with virtual objects using different colors to trigger different action sequences
AR Data Sharing
Provides the capability to transfer data that can be replayed on the devices of other registered users. The data is overlayed over a recognized real world object it is connected with
AR Access Restriction
Provides the capability to restrict user's access to augmented reality environment by verifying the validity of their activation code
Camera Position Interaction
Provides the capabilities to change virtual objects based on the movements and position of the augmented reality camera
Method of Displaying A Wide-Format AR Object
Provides the capabilities to scan wide-format real-world objects which do not fit entirely into the field of view of the video camera of an augmented reality object display device, to display corresponding augmented reality objects
Device for Influencing Virtual Objects of Augmented Reality
Relates to devices for influencing virtual objects, namely virtual objects of augmented reality, comprising a housing in which a video camera, display, and computing unit that processes data. The device has a database for storage of actions of virtual objects of augmented reality, correlated with different commands corresponding to certain predetermined options of facial expressions and gestures of the user
Method of Generating an AR Environment
Provides the capabilities to control the position of an unmanned transport vehicle with a built-in camera, determining its position, transmitting a captured camera image to a user display for visualization, exchanging messages in real time between the user and at least one second user located within visual range of the unmanned transport vehicle
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