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The world is changing rapidly and the modern generation has its own ways and rules of consuming. More recently the Internet has been at the top of the economy, but today it's expanding beyond the boundaries. The merging of the world of the physical objects and digital content is beginning. This is the new industry called Phygital. We are creating a tool helping to transfer the Internet into the real world. We are sincerely happy that millions of users in 150 countries are using our Phygital products and services. We are infinitely inspired by the way technology transforms the environment around us and our goal is to make the possibilities simple, convenient and available to everyone.
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Phygital is the new way to interact with the world - Easy NoCode Tool
MyWebAR is the easiest way to build cross-platform augmented reality instantly available in a browser. Whether you are a professional developer or have no prior experience, we have the set of tools that will allow you to get started in the matter of minutes.
Garrett Hawes
"It's a real game changer for augmented reality development. We used to have a dedicated team creating and supporting our AR books, but now it only takes about 10 minutes. MyWebAR does for augmented reality what Canva does for design!"
Brook Jones
"In modern world it's really important to optimize the customer journey of your marketing campaign. MyWebAR allows us to give our users a rich AR experience without needing them to download an app. It all works in their browser."

Evelyn Leon
"I've been looking for a simple AR creation tool to use in my classroom for a while now and with MyWebAR, I can finally say that I've found it! Students love working on the assignments featuring augmented reality, while AR visualizations make even the most complicated topics comprehensive."
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Bringing the Internet into the Real World
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Artificial Vision (13 patents - the USA, Europe, South Korea, China, Russia)
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of our no code solution create their own AR projects (only completed projects are taken into account)
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