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DEVAR app is an educational and entertaining content platform for kids that combines traditional objects around them with interactive digital content, turning learning into a fun game!
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DEVAR combines physical objects with cutting-edge technologies to engage children in learning. We are making products that help digital natives learn and develop their skills by using the media they are used to interact with
Smart Learning System
DEVAR is a platform that provides a tailored user experience by personalizing the content based on user's age, interests, location, time spent in the app and their level of knowledge. Such approach ensures progress in the areas that need improvement and creates an exciting and immersive learning experience
Edutainment for Kids of All Ages!
Ages 3-5
Ages 6-10
Ages 10-12
Ages 3-5
Ages 6-10
Ages 10-12
Benefits of Learning with Augmented Reality
Researchers have reported on the positive impact that augmented reality experiences
have on learners as compared to the non-AR ones
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Augmented Reality is one of the best tools an educator can use to engage and motivate students
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